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Blue Java Banana: The Banana That Tastes ‘Just Like Vanilla Ice Cream’


Blue java bananas are incredibly healthy and delicious. Do you like vanilla ice? If yes, you will like blue java bananas, as they have a similar taste and consistency.

The name comes from the blue peel of unripe bananas. Ripe bananas have a pale yellow or greenish peel. These bananas go by different names, and in Fiji they call them Hawaiian bananas. Hawaiians call them ice cream bananas, and people in central America know them as Cenizo.


Regular bananas grow in warm areas, but blue java bananas grow in colder weather temperatures (20F/-7C).

You can grow your own bananas, and they don’t require much effort. Experts explain that blue java bananas grow well in USDA zones 9-11. Mature trees reach 15-20 feet, and you can plant trees at different development stages. If you plant pseudostems, your bananas will mature within 9 months.


Unlike other varieties, these bananas have proven to be stronger and more resistant to strains of fungus. They are much better and stronger than your regular yellow banana.

Extra tips

Blue java bananas like water and warm (rich) soil. Be careful, you shouldn’t be using too much water.

Use NPK fertilizer (3:1:6 ratio). Use a cup of fertilizer is your banana tree is one-foot high. Fertilizers should be used in warm weather, and work better when applied around the roots. Water the fertilizer down the soil. Add another cup of the fertilizer for every two feet of height.

Sun supports the germination of bananas, and avoid constant overcast.

Prune the secondary shoots around the rhizomes, and leave at least one shoot to enhance the photosynthesis.


The leaves can be used instead of parchment paper or aluminum foil. Use banana leaves to dry, grill, bake, boil or steam your food.

Blue java bananas are low in fat, and give you tons of energy. A 100-gram serving provides 89 calories, 22.8 grams of carbs and 0.3 grams of fat.

If you pay more attention to the food you eat, we suggest that you try this single-ingredient non-dairy ice cream. All you have to do is peel your bananas, and freeze them. Blend the bananas, and enjoy your ice cream.

Potassium improves nerve cell response and supports healthy muscle contraction. Its also important for your heart contraction and blood pressure.

Need more tips? Use blue java bananas instead of regular bananas. Add them to your oatmeal, pancakes, smoothies, cakes and other recipes. 

Source: Healthy Food House 
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