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7 Easy Ways to Reduce Swelling Naturally


Your body is unable to balance the flow of water, but somethings things get really hard, and the body seems to be doing it’s own thing. Is this for your own good? Sometimes. But, what about the times when it seems like you’re all swollen and inflamed? Nobody likes to look like a balloon. It’s frustrating, scary and uncomfortable. It’s even painful and restrictive!

If you ask your doctor, he will say that the swellings in your arms and legs are peripheral edema. Edema is caused by excess water in tissues. Swellings are more common in your lower limbs. Although this doesn’t require an ER treatment, it sure is irritating.


Swelling can be reduced by hot and cold packs or just resting. Some like to have a massage therapy, while others swear in the power of diet. You can achieve great results by reducing your salt intake.

The swelling may go away on its own. However, edema is sometimes severe and even life-threatening. Of course, serious cases aren’t that common, and sufferers with severe edema have inflammation and swelling on one side of their body, including the face. In this case, medical help is ‘a must.’


Let’s go through some of the cases where inflammation and swellings aren’t serious, and we’ll also give you a few tips on how to treat your condition.

Georgeann Botek, DPM, Head of Podiatry and Medical Director at Cleveland Clinic, says management is important, suggesting that individuals have to learn how to get through the days. According to Botek, there’s nothing that’s considered therapeutic.

  • Magnesium does wonders

Magnesium aids in preventing and treating numerous ailments, including both physical and psychological cases. The mineral suppresses cortisol, a stress hormone responsible for your insomnia, diabetes or obesity.

Experts at the Mayo Clinic say that 200-400 milligram doses of magnesium supplement a day can help you reduce inflammation triggered by water retention.

  • Do yoga or work out

Stimulate your blood flow to reduce inflammation and swelling. Light and moderate exercises also give your circulation a kick. Yoga adds even more benefits, and relaxes both your body and mind.

Yoga beginners should always ask experienced practitioners for help. Consult someone with an advanced knowledge of the poses, and see what works best for your physical condition.

  • Epsom salt baths

Sufferers swear in the power of Epsom salt baths. Magnesium sulfate in Epsom salt is easily absorbed in the body, and it relieves an instant relief. This is beneficial for those dealing with inflammation, swelling and pain in different body parts.

Epsom salt baths usually include adding 1/2-2 cup of the salt to your bath. For maximum benefits, soak in the healing bath for 10-20 minutes very day.

  • Enjoy a good massage

Everyone could use a good massage. It’s relaxing and healing, too.

Swelling sometimes occurs as a result of waste buildups in damaged parts of the body. Massage therapists know the power of their therapies, and can help you soothe such damages. They always know where does your swelling come from. Getting your blood, oxygen and energy flowing in your body is a good thing and a part of every therapy. A single massage can do wonders to your body.

Acupuncture works well, too.

Pregnant women should consult a therapist who provides prenatal massages.

  • Elevate

Gravity is your enemy when it comes to dealing with swellings. Standing for too long or working in a standing position affects your body, and you end up all swollen. That’s what happens to most waitresses or mechanics after a long day. Some can’t even stand by the end of the day! It’s just your swelling’s friendship with gravity.

Elevate. That’s pretty much everything you have to do to improve your condition. Put pillows under your legs to elevate them above your upper torso or even higher. It helps!

  • Drink more water

Excessive salt intake causes swellings. Drink enough water to balance your sodium intake and eliminate excess sodium from the body. For an extra kick, add lemon and cucumber slices to your water. Lemon and cucumber will give you enough vitamins and nutrients with anti-inflammatory effect.

Drink 8-10 glasses of water every day, and you will feel better. Water improves circulation, sharpens thinking and ‘kills’ stress.

  • Use compression socks

Compression socks create pressure around the lower part of your legs. This stimulates your blood flow, and reduces swelling, pain and discomfort. Compression socks may come up to your knees, thighs or groin.

Check the Internet to learn more about compression socks. You can also consult a healthcare or wellness professional.

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